Business Printing Tips

Tips to Save Money When Printing at Work

Running a business can be an expensive burden. With labor costs and overall expenditure costs on the rise, where is it okay to cut corners? A simple place to start is printing supplies. With a huge amount of options in the market it can be difficult to know where to make adjustments. Today we’re here to help guide you on the path to success with these helpful business printing tips. Continue reading

Great 3d Printer Printing Ideas!

Awesome 3d Printing Ideas You Can Do At Home

With 3d Printers becoming more widely adopted in households, pretty soon everyone will have one. How would having a 3d printer benefit me; or what could i even print? are often questions wary consumers have about the new technology. The truth is there are a remarkable amount of things a 3d Printer can print. Here are some of the coolest 3D printable ideas.



3D printer Toy

3D printer Toy

With 3D printers you’re never out of reach of a new toy for the kids or even a new model of the ’67 Impala you always wanted. 3D printing allows for many types of creations giving you the options of plastics, rubbers and even metal to print with nothing is out of the question.

Musical instruments:

3D printer guitar

3D printer guitar

Guitars, drums, flutes and more can all be conveniently printed right at home. With many different templates available you can have whichever you’d like. If any of the templates don’t quench your musical thirst, you can always create your own using a computer with the appropriate software.

Ink Cartridges:

3D printer Ink Cartridges

3D printer Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges. Yes, ink cartridges can be printed. Just last year a research group printed a set of Kodak cartridges that can be filled with ink and used in a printer. While the 3D printer cannot print the liquid ink, having the cartridge gets you one step closer to getting your printer up and running again.

Medical equipment:

3D printer lung canalKnee and arm braces are some of the more popular types of medical equipments that have been printed. The door then opened for more inspiring projects. Just last year a newborn child suffering from a rare disease was implanted with a 3D printed artificial airway. This practice saved the life of the child.

Phone cases:

3D printer Phone Case

3D printer Phone Case

Are you tired of that same old case for your iPhone?  If so you can print your own cases right at home. With a variety of colors and designs already available No phone will be boring ever again.

Electronic parts:

Printing a new cooling fan for your computer is a very real possibility as is printing parts for your phone. Video game controller shells will make it so that anyone can print out a new white Xbox One controller at home.

Car Parts:

Who would have thought that a time would come where you could print your own car parts? That day is here as it has been done. New stick shifter heads have been printed as well as fenders and stereo mounting brackets.

Dish ware:

3D printer Mug

3D printer Mug

Anything is printable from Plates, Bowls cups and silverware. Don’t have enough plates for your dinner guests you can simply print a new one. it doesn’t stop there as pot’s and pans are also printable. Never be without a strainer or stirring stick again


The History of Inkjet Printing

Inkjet Printing – History of Inkjet Technology

History of inkjet printing

History of inkjet printing

In 1977 we saw the first modern day inkjet printers and cartridges arrive on store shelves. This technology in it’s primitive life was a much needed answer to the ailing technology of the absurdly noisy and complex dot matrix machines and mandatory user refilled toner compartments of early day laser printers.



History of inkjet printing

History of inkjet printing

This new printing system, Drop on Demand, was a much more efficient way of the computer communicating with the printer. With different software types available each had their own printing requirements of how many dots per inch were used. This led to the ink system being somewhat scrutinized as people without the high profile applications that used the DPI to it’s max felt cheated. Drop on demand was replaced by still used technologies: Thermal ink displacement and bubble-jet printing. After a more subsequent standard in printing drivers and communication between the computer and printer were established by 1990, the Inkjet printer was widely accepted.  Much like 3D printers of our day and age it took years to build up consumer confidence and intrigue into the product. The technology saw extreme increases for companies, even building gigantic brand names out of them, such as Hewlett-Packard.

History of inkjet printingAs the turn of the century happened customers had found that they could easily refill their own ink cartridges or simply purchase 3rd party cartridge not made by the OEM or original equipment manufacturer, saving incredible amounts of money from the monopolies of the printing industry. This along with significant advances in computing and printing technology paved the way for cartridges to from the manufacturer with a computer chip on the cartridge. These chips operated on a communication with the printer, now it was easy to see how many prints you’ve made along with the amount of ink left in the cartridge.

While the advantage of knowing your printers ink levels is great, the new chip system also meant that when a cartridge was out, it was out. The refilling market along with the compatible cartridge market were suffering. In the mid to late 2000’s to today’s time, this problem has been solved by 3rd party companies offering new chips on their cartridges. New chips meant they could bypass the read and report chips that OEM’s had placed in their printers. With an incredible amount of developer support for the afterwork cartridge market, inkjet printing became and is still affordable to this day.

A technology that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, it’s actually only getting bigger. An industry that is expected to generate 17 billion in revenue come 2017, now is as good as any to jump in feet first.

How Much Energy does your printer use?

How Much Energy does your Printer Use?

How much energy does your printer use

When looking for a new printer specifications like page speed and auto duplexing are among the most popular. While those are great features, One to consider is the energy cost. Small businesses and home everywhere are looking to tighten their budgets and save more money. Since you pay for energy use, wouldn’t it make sense to try and use as little as possible?

How much energy does your printer use

No two printers share the same specs for operating cost and energy consumption. There are two many variables. Every penny counts in an effort to save money. So much in fact, that there has even been a printer electricity calculator created to help factor the costs. So when the question of how much energy does my printer use comes up, you can firmly respond. Epson with the help of The Manchester United Soccer Club created a video to demonstrate that no two printers have the same energy output.


What to do With Your Old Printer

Out With the Old Printer, in With the New

Getting a new printer is an exciting time. Getting better quality and more features can make anyone a happy camper. One question lingers however, What do i do with my old printer? There are many options available but what option is best?

Still Working Printers

What to do with your old printer

If your old printer still works there are even more options available for you. Many organizations accept charitable donations, churches, schools, Government offices and more will be glad to put your old machine to work. Doing that helps give back to the community and provides a new piece of technology to someone who otherwise might not be able to afford it. Refrain from donating printers that do not work with newer electronics or computers. This can create a burden for the organization you donated it to, as they’ll have to dispose of it now.

Another option would be to sell it at a garage sale, or online. Plenty of people are in the market for another printer for the kids or a secondary printer for the home or office.

Reuse your printer as a personal wireless printer. Some printers that are being discarded are still able to be used as a personal network machine. Have a personal Printer to use with your laptop or tablet in another part of the house or office.

Non Working Printers

What to do with your old printer Don’t take your non working printers to organizations to give away. Also, if possible avoid throwing it into the trash can as parts used inside of printers can be hazardous. Lead and other harmful materials are inside of the circuitry of the printers boards.

Safely dispose of the printer at your local waste department. Many providers offer free discards on electrical components occasionally so it may be worth holding onto for the benefit of the environment. Simply throwing away a printer is the wrong thing to do.

Enjoy your new printer just be sure to correctly discard your old one and make as much use of it as possible if it still works.

Can an Inkjet Cartridge Expire? | Expired Cartridge Warning.

Expired Cartridge Warnings and Dried up Ink

Have you ever put a new inkjet cartridge into your printer only to have it say expired cartridge installed? How does that happen, how can ink expire? Well there are many factors that can lead to getting the expired cartridge warning.

Ink Cartridge Expired warningInk is after all a liquid and liquids are capable of changing states of matter. Ink is a liquid, there are 2 other possible states, gas and solid. Liquids all evaporate. Liquids with a higher concentration of water evaporate faster. Liquid ink is about 90% water, this portion has a very real potential to dry up. The remaining substance is like a paste and is incredibly dense, relative to water. Trying to force that down the 1500 or so nozzles isn’t possible. This is the reason that cartridges have an expiration date. The ink coagulates and to avoid potential damage to the printer there is a “shelf life”.

Expired Cartridge Warning

Expired Cartridge Warning

Customers often become upset about the cartridge not working but it is for their own good. Just be sure to read the expiration dates on the products. Most will have a sticker on the box outlining potential expiration time frames.

To avoid cartridges getting dried up and the ink coagulating once it’s been installed, it’s recommended that you print at least once a week. This will keep the ink fresh and avoid potentially clogging up the print head. If you have a color inkjet you’ll want something with color in it as well a small photo or internet page that shows off all colors inside the machine: Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and Black. While this may be a “waste of ink”, it is a fraction of the ink used to clean the print heads and nozzles.



Alternatively there is another option. You could go with a laser printer that uses toner instead of ink. Toner is a powder so i won’t ever dry out. Toner is a bit more expensive than ink but can last thousands of pages longer than ink cartridges.

Maintaining Good Office Printing Etiquette

Having Good Printing Etiquette at the Office

Printing etiquette

Printing etiquette

There is nothing worse than someone in the office who doesn’t play by the rules. Official rules or not there are rules for using the office printer. Few items are shared among multiple employees, like a printer is. Here are some guidelines to help alleviate coworker frustration and maintain good printing etiquette.


Rule#1 If the Paper/toner/ink is out change it.

Nothing is more frustrating than sending out a document to the printer only for it to be the held up due to lack of paper or ink. Have common courtesy and stay on top of your printing etiquette by replacing supplies when you use the last of them.

Rule #2 If the paper is jammed, fix the jam.

Don’t let someone else send a document to the printer only to find the machine jammed and they have to fix it. If you don’t know how to clear the jam ask someone to show you just don’t walk away from the printer. The printer jamming isn’t your fault(or maybe it is) and you shouldn’t be intimidated to ask for help on fixing it.

Rule #3 Refrain from printing personal documents.

Sure the groceries need to be bought after work or you son’s soccer practice schedule needs to be printed but try not to use the work printer for that. There is a time and place for personal activities and work is not one of them.

Rule #4 Default Printer Settings.

If you have changed any of the printer settings please change them back when you’re done. Not everyone needs legal sized paper or borders on their print outs.

Rule #5 Pick your prints up ASAP.

Dont let the prints sit there so that someone else can get confused when they pick up your documents. Have good printing etiquette and while the paper is printing grab them.

Moral of the story is just be considerate to others, especially those you see everyday. No one wants Mark from accounting breathing down your neck because you didn’t clear the jam or pick your grocery list off the printer when it was done printing. Good printing etiquette is all we ask.

Fathers Day Toner and ink savings and Printable Ideas!

Fathers Day 2014 is Almost here!

Fathers day

Fathers day

What better way to celebrate Fathers day than to plan out home decor that you can print out? With more than a week between Fathers day and now, you better start getting ready. While you setup the house let us ship you some ink or toner cartridges. What a great fathers day present that would be. Not only is the house decorated but he’ll also be set to go with a new Ink Cartridge in the printer. With our Fathers day 2014 10% off coupon “Fathersday” you’ll save money yourself. Here are a few printable ideas to decorate in preparation of dad’s big day.

1. Family Photos
2. Fathers Day Cards
3. Scrap books
4. Photo Calendars
5. Gift Certificates or vouchers
6. Home movie dvd cover
7. Dinner Reservations
8. Fathers Day stickers
9. Banners
10 Door knob hangs
11. Window Ornaments
12. Photo book
13. Golf score cards
14. A personalized thank you card

There are just some of the ideas to help celebrate with dad and make one more memory with family.

Steps on How You can Clean an InkJet Printer

How to Clean an Inkjet Printer

Is your Printer giving you fits of rage in the form of poor print quality? Instead of throwing it out the window there may be a better, not simpler, but better solution. It may just need a good cleaning. Dried up ink has a tendency to clog the ink delivery system and cause potential printing problems. Cleaning a printer is easy and can save you a good deal of money. This guide is how to clean an inkjet printer, if you have a laser printer refer to our guide on cleaning a laser printer.


Step 1: Gather the Supplies Needed

Windex cleaner clean a inkjet printer

Windex cleaner

When cleaning any printer you never want to use overly abrasive cleaning products. the use of solvents like windex is good because it cleans the ink but leaves the plastic fully intact. Avoid Sodium Hydroxide cleaners and also anything with bleach in it.

2: Taking the printer apart

Taking a Printer Apart clean an inkjet printer

Taking a Printer Apart

This is the fun part because you can get an idea of how the print system works and wether or not you have a Piezoelectric or Thermal Printing system.

3: Clean the heads

Some printers have the print head located on the cartridge and others are on the printer. Gently spray a bit of cleaner on a cloth and wipe the print head. It doesn’t hurt to wipe down the inside of the printer as well

4: Clean the rollers

Take a piece of paper and spray it extremely lightly with the cleaner. After it has a small amount of liquid on it run it through the printer a couple time to clean the rollers off. If the paper is soggy from the spray avoid sending through the printer to avoid jamming with wet paper.

5. Print

Now go ahead and send a few prints and watch as the printer makes gorgeous copies one again. Spread the word on how to clean an inkjet printer.



Calculating your Printers Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Printers and their Carbon Footprint

As we continue to move towards a more Eco-Friendly “Green” environment, it is ever important to know what your carbon footprint is on the world. Your carbon footprint is how much you “hurt” the environment each year based on the habits you have, and what devices you use. Luckily HP has done the hard work for u, in developing a way to measure a printer’s Carbon Footprint.

Their claim is that, “In just a few clicks, estimate how applying power-saving technologies, upgrading to more efficient features and consolidating devices can lower your energy use and carbon footprint.” With printers ever becoming a green product more than likely you a;ready have a printer that is eco-friendly. With that said, it still doesn’t hurt to check and see where you stand with the green movement. As HP continues to be a foot in the door towards change, we too must make the effort to go green and reduce our footprint. Why not start with something as simple as the printers we use daily?  SuppliesOutlet is dedicated, are you?