What is the Best Type of Printer Paper for my InkJet Printer?

Paper is one of the most important parts of the printing process. Using the right paper in your printer can make all the difference or be the downfall of your once great printer. Nobody wants to see their printer jam or otherwise break. When things go smoothly everyone is happy. How do you tell the good printer paper from the bad? We’ll cover some of the basics when it comes to what not to use and what is great to use.

What printer aper should I avoid using?

1. Never use printer paper that has been stapled or is taped to another piece of paper. This is a major cause for concern as the paper has physically been changed with the inclusion of a staple or tape.
2. Avoid using High texture or grooved papers. This can cause instability with the print head and transfer systems.
3. Ripped or folded paper is a great way to attempt to reuse paper. It is also a great way to get your printer jammed; resulting in hours of fiddling with the jam and printer being down.
4. Chemically finished paper is also a no go. This cause the rollers to need cleaning and also has potential to ruin the print head as transferring ink to the page can be catastrophic with different chemical treatments applied.
5. Printer paper that exceeds the weight recommended in the manual.

Types of Media the printer enjoys

Just make sure to change the print type to fit the following media types.
1. Plain paper is always your best friend. Being normal is a good thing when it comes to printing.
2. Heavy plain paper is just a thicker type of original.
3. ColorLok Certified paper is paper made to keep colors from running.
4. Using photo paper will ensure your printer still loves you.
5. Transparent paper like we had in the old days at school.
6. Envelopes are also good.
7. Business cards

There you have it all great and bad examples of what the printer should or shouldn’t take.

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