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Black Friday is the time for some serious Holiday shopping.Shop Exclusive Black Friday deals with supplies Outlet 20% off coupon code BLACK20 from (22nd NOV – 26th NOV). The 2017 Black Friday at Supplies outlet is a great way to save on your favorite brand of ink cartridges , copier paper and print labels. Let everyone in  the house print piles of photos, invitation cards for friends and family. If you have any confusion what printer to buy for printing photographs and cards read this. If you are perplexed why it is called black Friday read further.

Why It Is Called Black Friday ??

Black Friday is traditionally the Friday after Thanksgiving day and it is one of the favorite days for the shoppers as the savings are big. The term “Black Friday” was coined in 1960 to mark the beginning of Holiday shopping. The day was given its name because retailers were having enough money to cover costs even after reducing the prices. This is one aspect of the naming story.

Some say the day got it’s name from the Philadelphia. In 1950’s , The police in the city of Brotherly used the term to describe the horde of shoppers that descended into the city after the Thanksgiving ahead of Army/Navy football game on Saturday. To engage shoppers city promoted big sales and discounts . The sidewalks were flooded with people, there was no space in the parking lots, and the traffic cops were required to work 12 hours shifts. So cops had to deal with the situation and coined the term.

There is one more myth that leads to the birth of the term “Black Friday” is that in the old times when slavery was common slaves were sold to plantation owners at discounted prices the day after Thanksgiving. Well, who knows from where the term came from but it’s a gala time for the shopping and to enjoy all the discounts.

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