Brother DR360 Drum Unit: How a Drum Works

Brother DR360 Drum unit

Laser printers are made up of a variety of components. Items along the lines of: feeder, fuser, toner cartridge, drum, and more. Today’s focus will be on the drum unit, the unknown primary factor of a laser printer’s productivity sequence. Several printer toner cartridges contain the drum integrated, others offer it as an independent component. This guarantees the expense of consumables is down seeing that one drum generally endures three or four toner cartridges. The most significant commercial enterprise to take advantage of the standalone drum and toner procedure is brother. As an example, if you happened to have an HL-2140 Machine, it requires the two of them a TN-360 toner cartridge in addition to a Brother DR360 drum unit. The function of the drum unit is to always produce an electrical static charge to the paper enabling the toner particles to adhere to the paper. While the Brother Dr360 drum unit rotates is obtains an electrical imprint to utilize in the form of a computerized image and therefore lays the image onto the paper. While it remains rolling, an extremely bright light, getting rid of the electronic image that the drum just transmitted to the paper, hits it. Soon after the cycle goes on and on.


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