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Tips to Save Money When Printing at Work

Running a business can be an expensive burden. With labor costs and overall expenditure costs on the rise, where is it okay to cut corners? A simple place to start is printing supplies. With a huge amount of options in the market it can be difficult to know where to make adjustments. Today we’re here to help guide you on the path to success with these helpful business printing tips.


Compatible Printing supplies are great for saving money. At right around 60% off from retail printer cartridges you can save some serious money. Don’t be fooled by high cost items, however. Just because the price is high doesn’t mean the quality is. Low cost high quality is always a standard everyone should strive for. Taking care of your printers with good quality items can save you money in the long haul on buying new printers.


Paper is important, and you’re always going to need it. With that said, why not buy it in bulk? buying paper a ream at a time is more costly for the fact of having to make multiple trips. Some companies offer bulk paper deliveries. Get 10 reams of paper for a much less than you would 10 individual ones.

Use Draft Mode

Draft mode is a special feature almost every printer does. This mode uses significantly less ink than standard printing does. While the printout quality is not as good it is still great considering that you’re saving ink and money.

Use the Right Printer

If you never print in color, then only use a monochrome machine. Sometimes it actually is cheaper to have multiple printers. if you print one color photo a month it’s okay to have a monochrome laser printer and an inkjet color printer. It’s too expensive to print everything on inkjet and a waste of toner when not printing in color.

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4 Responses

  1. Hello! Thank you for useful tips. I think they are good enough to follow them! But I have Xerox printer and I have never heard about draft mode. If my laser printer has this type of printhead is it possible to save toner using this mode? And how can I turn it on? Thanks

  2. Printing large amounts of business documents can be a very difficult and time-consuming thing to do. I liked your tip on using draft mode on your printer to save ink. It seems like it would be easier to just have a professional service take care of your big documents and presentations.–services/professional-printing

  3. Sammy Orig says:

    For any business, buying things in bulk is a great way to save up. Just like purchasing other items in bulk, the manufacturer rewards you for your commitment when you purchase bulk ink

  4. Totally agree with Wing Kee that buying in bulk saves money. Actually, here are 50 more ideas of how you can save money through recycling, reusing and reducing things that have never comed to your mind

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