Calculating your Printers Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Printers and their Carbon Footprint

As we continue to move towards a more Eco-Friendly “Green” environment, it is ever important to know what your carbon footprint is on the world. Your carbon footprint is how much you “hurt” the environment each year based on the habits you have, and what devices you use. Luckily HP has done the hard work for u, in developing a way to measure a¬†printer’s Carbon Footprint.

Their claim is that, “In just a few clicks, estimate how applying power-saving technologies, upgrading to more efficient features and consolidating devices can lower your energy use and carbon footprint.” With printers ever becoming a green product more than likely you a;ready have a printer that is eco-friendly. With that said, it still doesn’t hurt to check and see where you stand with the green movement. As HP continues to be a foot in the door towards change, we too must make the effort to go green and reduce our footprint. Why not start with something as simple as the printers we use daily? ¬†SuppliesOutlet is dedicated, are you?


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