Copy Paper Buying Tips : Save Now

Choosing the right copy paper is an art. In five minutes, you’ll be an expert at choosing the right paper for you and your business. There are many factors which affects our decision for the right paper so that we can get most effective results for our work.

Things to keep in mind while buying copy paper :

Weight – this is simply the weight 500 sheets of 17” by 22” paper or four 500-sheet reams. This is the apples-to-apples measurement standard, meaning the heavier the paper, the thicker the sheet. Notice weight is not the same as a package. You may find paper sold in a 400-count package instead of a 500-sheet ream.

Store Bond Paper        Print Shop Text                    Good for
20# (lb)                              50# (lb)                                   Copier/Draft
24#                                        60#                                        Reports/Projects
28#                                        70#                                        Cover Letters
32#                                         80#                                        Light Card Paper

Brightness – How white the sheet is? Below 92 is dingy, 92 and above are a nice white. As this is a percentage of reflected light, numbers above 100% only apply to light bulbs and nonstandard scales – if they use another number, I choose another brand.

Copier paper – Usually thin (under 20#), slightly dingy paper (88 brightness) and fairly dusty paper. Many times, paper sold as Copy Paper tends towards double feeds and jams. Slightly better paper ultimately saves time and money. COPYPAPER from Supplies Outlet is 20#, 92 brightness, 500-sheet ream of universal paper.copy paper

Well there is no set number of sheets for a case of paper so, when doing your comparison, watch the sheet counts. Price per ream is apples to apples. Cases run from 2,500 sheets to 4,000 and 5,000. Ensure your case includes 500-sheet reams – a 400-count package is 20% less product for a 10% savings.

For me, I save up to 65% on the purchase of compatibles from Supplies Outlet. A 20 pound, 92 brightness sheet is my minimum, making COPYPAPER from Supplies Outlet  perfect for proofs, office work and the highest users in the house – my kids. I keep a stack of 24 pound, 96 brightness paper for when I need to make an impact.

Don’t forget your labels. These can be just as confusing as buying paper. I look for the number of labels per sheet and the number of sheets. Some vendors (no, I won’t name them) sell labels as 3,000 per box – seriously? At Supplies Outlet, our Shipping Labels is shown as the number of sheets and the labels per sheet so you know exactly what you’re getting.

At Supplies Outlet, we’re your printer supply source for high quality, low price ink, toner, copy paper and shipping supplies. We offer a 10% Discount on your order and you can get your coupon code now.

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