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Printing Supplies: OEM or Compatible?

In the printing industry there are a few different types of printing supplies; OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and compatible products being the most well known. What is the difference? Aren’t all products the same? No, there is a difference. Let us go over a few of the key differences, and likely assumptions many people have.

Cartridge type and definition

OEM printing supplies: Cartridges that are made directly from the manufacturer. For example: If you have a Brother HL-2270DW, OEM product would be made by Brother.
Compatible printing supplies: A Cartridge(s) that is made by a 3rd party or different manufacturer than who made the printer like, SuppliesOutlet.

Benefits in Cartridge Types>

OEM: Genuine printing supplies are extremely well manufactured. The goal is to provide consistency. Consistency is maintained through the cartridges life cycle being more accurate. Color reproduction is also a mainstay, with OEM product you’re getting the best possible toner formula to be used with their printer.

Compatible: The most obvious benefit to the Compatible printing supplies is the low cost. At up to 80% oem prices with suppliesoutlet’s printer supplies cost is an enormous factor. Suppliesoutlet printing supplies are also 100% guaranteed to be OEM equivalent. Some Compatible cartridge also reuse the plastic casing from a prior cartridge, so it is Eco Friendly as well.


OEM: The cost. OEM Products are astronomically greater in price due to the “never fail theory” and scare tactics that the manufacturers place on customers.

Compatible: Not all compatible manufactures make them with as much dedication as SuppliesOutlet does. Unfortunately you do have to be weary about where you get them as there is nothing more frustrating than getting a defective product.

Cartridge Myths

OEM Product works every time: Very common misconception. OEM product is just as likely to fail. Nothing is a sure thing, the products are well manufactured but even the best made equipment can fail. There are instances where the cartridge can be overfilled, not recognizing, or leaking.

Compatible Cartridges always leak: Another common misconception. While it is possible it is unlikely for it to happen. Compatible cartridges cannot have the same exact design for patent reasons. so more often than not they’ve had time to reverse engineer the product to catch potential OEM flaws, therefor making potentially a better product.

Which product is the winner?

That essentially is up for you to decide, based on the information from above. Both have Pro’s and Con’s. SuppliesOutlet looks forward to being your printing supplies destination for time to come.

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