Fathers Day Toner and ink savings and Printable Ideas!

Fathers Day 2014 is Almost here!

Fathers day

Fathers day

What better way to celebrate Fathers day than to plan out home decor that you can print out? With more than a week between Fathers day and now, you better start getting ready. While you setup the house let us ship you some ink or toner cartridges. What a great fathers day present that would be. Not only is the house decorated but he’ll also be set to go with a new Ink Cartridge in the printer. With our Fathers day 2014 10% off coupon “Fathersday” you’ll save money yourself. Here are a few printable ideas to decorate in preparation of dad’s big day.

1. Family Photos
2. Fathers Day Cards
3. Scrap books
4. Photo Calendars
5. Gift Certificates or vouchers
6. Home movie dvd cover
7. Dinner Reservations
8. Fathers Day stickers
9. Banners
10 Door knob hangs
11. Window Ornaments
12. Photo book
13. Golf score cards
14. A personalized thank you card

There are just some of the ideas to help celebrate with dad and make one more memory with family.

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