Getting the best possible prints for Graduation, on your Home printer

As children get older this day looms on them for some time. The day they’re finally done with school, until their college classes start that is. As it’s a day to celebrate and remember Pictures are always the best memory of this great moment. How can you ensure you get the best prints possible? These easy steps will guide you down the path to printing perfection.

1.Making sure your printer is ready

Printing photos is different from the normal everyday use of documents. For this you’ll want to make sure all connections to the printer are functioning properly; be it USB cord or WiFi.

2. Photo Paper

Printing the best photos possible is the name of the game here. You’ll want high quality photo paper for this one. Setting the printer to photo paper will increase quality for the job as well.

3. Use Photo Ink

Using photo ink is a great way to dynamically improve quality in your prints. Most printers have specially made “Photo ink” cartridges. Use this to your advantage. Never be afraid to buy a couple extra ink cartridges as well. You wouldn’t want to run out right at crunch time.

4. Touch up your photos

Photo editing software is awesome plain and simple. There are a great deal of types out there two. Free online downloads as well as paid products. Adobe Photoshop is the most well known product for touching up photos or changing color schemes.

5. Don’t rush the process

When a photo is printed you want to let the ink dry. There is nothing worse than a picture being ruined due to smudging ink right as it comes out. Ink and photo paper take a bit longer to dry than plain paper due to it’s thickness and absorbency.

Following these simple steps will allow you to print many great photos of your young ones for their special day. Enjoy your great prints and congratulations on graduation!

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