HP 63 Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting Guide

Both HP 63 cartridge and HP 63 xl cartridge provides good page yield and longevity. These cartridges will provide alerts in advance so you don’t run out of ink in the middle of a project. This is both good and bad. As ink is one of the most expensive ($4,800 per gallon) products, not being able to completely utilize an entire ink cartridge is not very cost effective. To know more interesting facts about cartridges go through this article  I don’t know about you, if I am printing a priority project, I’ll put in a new cartridge. Otherwise, I’ll run it (usually about 20+ sheets) until it is completely empty.

Technical Specifications Of HP 63 and HP 63xl ink Cartridge

ProductHP 63 Standard Black(HP F6U62AN)HP 63 Standard Tri-Color (HP F6U61AN)HP 63 XL High Yield Black(HP F6U64AN)HP 63 XL High Yield Tri-Color(HP F6U63AN)
Page Yield190 pages165 pages480 pages330 pages
Ink drop22 pl3.25 pl,6.8 pl22 pl3.25 pl, 6.8 pl
compatible ink typesPigment-basedDye-basedpigment-basedDye-based

How To Save On Ink Cartridge:

If you are looking to save money consider buying Supplies Outlet compatible ink cartridges. All Supplies Outlet high-quality products meet or exceed the OEM cartridges for quality and page yield! Our compatible ink cartridges 2-pack are at a low price of $34.99 with our compatible high yield black cartridge at $16.99. If you’re looking to save even more, our high-yield Value Bundle is only $84.99.  Save 10% instantly with your Coupon Code, good on all of our compatible ink and toner cartridges!

Hp envy 4520 All-in-one ink cartridge


Printers That Use The HP 63 and HP 63xl High Yield Cartridge:

HP revamped its printer series to make it more user friendly . The best part is you can print anytime from anywhere. You can print using smartphone or tablet and with these printers you can save on ink too. You can get most of your task with an all-in-one with fax, automatic document feeder, and wireless. These printers are best for home use and below is a complete list of printers using HP 63 Ink Cartridge.

HP 63 and HP 63xl high yield Cartridge Troubleshooting:

You have loaded your new cartridge and it shows following error messages:

  1. Cartridge missing Error: If the cartridge is not installed properly then also it can give you the cartridge missing error. To make sure it is installed properly check through these steps:
    1.  While performing the cartridge installation make sure to turn on the printer.
    2. If output tray extender is opened, close it and push the output tray back into the printer.
    3. Remove the ink cartridge by opening the ink cartridge access door. Before removing the ink cartridge make sure it is idle as the carriage moves to the center of the printer when we open the access door.
    4. Press down the ink cartridge lightly to release it, and then pull the ink cartridge out to remove from the slot.
    5. Remove any protective covering from the nozzle, but make sure not to rip off the copper electrical strip.
    6. Now put back the tri-color ink cartridge back to the left slot and the black ink cartridge goes to the left slot.
    7. Push the ink cartridge forward into its slot until it fits perfectly into place.
    8. If you think to repeat the steps repeat them and Close the ink cartridge access door.
    9. Now close the exterior door and your printer is ready.
  2. Ink levels are showing as low: You must be surprised to know HP always recommends its user’s to buy original branded HP cartridges and to discourage the use of non-branded ink cartridges HP displays the error message of ‘used’, ‘counterfeit’ or ‘Non-HP’ ink cartridges:HP 63 cartridge troubleshooting, hp 63, hp inkTo get rid of these alerts just choose ‘yes’, ‘OK’ Or ‘Continue’. This will help you get back to normal printing operations.

These are some of the errors which HP 63 and HP 63xl cartridges shows. We hope this helps and, as always, thank you for choosing Supplies Outlet.

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