Laser Printers and Inkjet Printers- Top 5 Differences

#5 Printing Mechanics

Laser printers and Inkjet printers do the same function but accomplish it in vastly different ways. The mechanics are extremely different. Inkjet printers drop bits of ink that is smeared around on the page, left to dry. Laser printers operate in a different manor entirely. The toner itself is a powder that must be physically melded into the paper. Taking an electrically charged powder and apply it to the electrically charged paper, from there it is super heated and the toner becomes fused to the actual paper.

Advantage: Laser Printer

#4 Cartridge Type

Inkjet cartridges are recommended for use on low cost color printing for minimal users. Ink being dropped out does not utilize the best quality. Toner is mush more fine and can get into all those nooks and crannies. Where ink lacks in terms of sharpness it makes up with it’s more accurate color representation. If printing photos, go with Ink. Everything else; it is recommended that Laser toner cartridges be used.

Advantage: Laser Printing

#3 Cartridge Lifetime

Printer Toner Cartridges like the TN750 Toner Cartridge are extremely long lasting relative to their Inkjet counterparts. Ink cartridges are typically the Less expensive option up front so their output capacity is far less. This is good and bad, the strain on your wallet is good but if you’re a big large scale printer than you’ll need a new solution. Laser printers offer extremely high output for very reasonable price. SuppliesOutlet offers both Printer Toner Cartridges and Printer Ink Cartridges at far less than the price you can get them in retail locations.

Advantage: Laser Printing

#2 Printing Speed

Leaps and bounds ahead of the competition is where laser printers are. Printing on average of 4 times faster than ink. Due to the drying process as well as the dripping system, Ink takes dramatically longer.

Advantage: Laser Printing

#1 Overall Cost

Inkjet Printers and cartridges tend to have a drastic;y lower up front cost relative to laserjet printers. If you’re a small time consumer this may be the method you’d like to go. Printer ink cartridges however, can after non use dry up. Higher up front cost, supported with higher yield output is what Laser printing has in store. The powder itself is never going to dry up because powder itself is dry. Economically it’s relative to how much and what you’re printing.

Advantage: Draw


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