Maintaining Good Office Printing Etiquette

Having Good Printing Etiquette at the Office

Printing etiquette

Printing etiquette

There is nothing worse than someone in the office who doesn’t play by the rules. Official rules or not there are rules for using the office printer. Few items are shared among multiple employees, like a printer is. Here are some guidelines to help alleviate coworker frustration and maintain good printing etiquette.


Rule#1 If the Paper/toner/ink is out change it.

Nothing is more frustrating than sending out a document to the printer only for it to be the held up due to lack of paper or ink. Have common courtesy and stay on top of your printing etiquette by replacing supplies when you use the last of them.

Rule #2 If the paper is jammed, fix the jam.

Don’t let someone else send a document to the printer only to find the machine jammed and they have to fix it. If you don’t know how to clear the jam ask someone to show you just don’t walk away from the printer. The printer jamming isn’t your fault(or maybe it is) and you shouldn’t be intimidated to ask for help on fixing it.

Rule #3 Refrain from printing personal documents.

Sure the groceries need to be bought after work or you son’s soccer practice schedule needs to be printed but try not to use the work printer for that. There is a time and place for personal activities and work is not one of them.

Rule #4 Default Printer Settings.

If you have changed any of the printer settings please change them back when you’re done. Not everyone needs legal sized paper or borders on their print outs.

Rule #5 Pick your prints up ASAP.

Dont let the prints sit there so that someone else can get confused when they pick up your documents. Have good printing etiquette and while the paper is printing grab them.

Moral of the story is just be considerate to others, especially those you see everyday. No one wants Mark from accounting breathing down your neck because you didn’t clear the jam or pick your grocery list off the printer when it was done printing. Good printing etiquette is all we ask.

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