National Ice Cream Day – America’s Coolest Holiday

National Ice Cream Day – Sunday, July 16

What do Marco Polo and a bowl of Ice Cream have in common besides bringing back great childhood memories? Marco Polo, the Italian merchant (1254-1324), is said to have brought the recipe for sherbet back to Italy from the Far East. Well before him, Alexander the Great and Roman Emperor Nero both enjoyed snow and ice flavored with honey and nectar. Ice Cream. “Cream Ice” was invented in the 16th century in England or Italy but nobody know for sure who made it first. It is known that in 1650, the first ice cream was served in Paris at Café Prosope.

In America, the first ice cream ad appeared in 1777 in the New York Gazette. In 1790, then President George Washington spent a cool $200 on ice cream (over $5,000 when adjusted for inflation). In fact, George liked ice cream so much that he bought an ice cream machine for the capitol. It was the invention of insulated ice houses in the late 1700 that allowed ice cream to delight everyone.

Why a National Ice Cream Day?

Believe it or not, in 1984 Congress sent then President Ronald Reagan a proclamation naming July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day Ronald Reagan. President Obama is the only President to have a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor named in his honor – “Yes Pecan,” a play on his campaign slogan “Yes We Can” with all proceeds going to charity.

Ice Cream is Big, Big Business

In 2015, over 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and related frozen desserts were produced in the US IDFA. That amounts to over $5 billion in total US sales

Sunday or Sundae?

As legend has it, a soda jerk was asked by a customer to put milkshake syrup – chocolate of course – atop a bowl of ice cream and voila, the Sunday was created. Ed Berners only sold it on Sunday for a nickel. A customer suggested spelling Sunday as Sundae. Another legend from Ithaca tells of Chester Platt enjoying a bowl of ice cream with his reverend. On one day, Chester added cherry syrup and a cherry to the bowl and named it Cherry Sunday. He changed the name to sundae as not to offend the reverend. Whether you believe the first, second or one of the many other legends; an ice cream sundae is a great summertime treat. Sundae History. As for me, I like mine grilled: Butter foil square, add split banana, chocolate chips, marshmallows and fold up. Grill until banana is caramelized a bit, open foil into a bowl shape and top with ice cream and cherries. Yumm!

What is your flavor?

Here’s a fun 10-question quiz (no information collected) to help you find your ideal new flavor Quiz. Plus, a bunch of unique ice cream and dessert recipes. As for me, I like Blackberry Brandy on a scoop of homemade blackberry ice cream on the beach at Lake Tahoe. Maybe I should plan a sick day soon – just don’t let my boss know.

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