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Paraskavedekatriaphobia Or the Bad Luck

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Unlike many people, I usually have good luck on Friday the 13th. Seriously, but why?

Paraskavedekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th. Yes, it’s a real thing for some. The exact origin of this superstition is up for debate, as with many odd traditions.

Superstitions are fun!

Many sports players won’t wash their socks if they’re on a winning streak – imagine an entire team of high school football players with three-week-old dirty socks, yuk.

Black cats are the last to be adopted in shelters because if one crosses your path, it’s bad luck. I have a black dog (allergic to cats) but a pet’s love is colorblind. Plus, black cats look real cool to me.

I take care when carrying a mirror, or any sheet glass for that matter, because inevitably I will cut myself when they break.

I don’t open an umbrella indoors, not because it’s bad luck, but because accidents happen.

How about trimming your nails at night? You have a candle, a sharp knife and poor medical care – back in the day, this wasn’t going to end well. Today, we have lights, clippers and antibiotics.

Putting your purse or wallet on the ground could bring bad luck, but I prefer to call it a trip to the hospital because of the germs on the ground (or on many other surfaces).

Ever noticed in a casino the table games have 3 or 5 chairs but never 4? In China, four is unlucky, similar to our number 13. Also, red brings good luck so wear red when wagering – my pit boss friend says this is true.

And I enjoy going out during a full moon but have yet to see a werewolf.

Plus, the Friday the 13th movie franchise has raked in nearly $40 million worldwide and that’s not bad at all – The Numbers.

If you’ve gotten this far with a smile on your face, check out what Good Housekeeping has to say about 50 superstitions. Carry an acorn to stay young forever – why didn’t I know this sooner.

Lucky for you…

At Supplies Outlet, we give you the highest quality compatible ink and toners every day, even on Friday the 13th, backed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty. And, for this weekend, save 13% (yep, I went there) with your coupon code FRIDAY13 at checkout. So, Friday the 13th is lucky for you too.

In conclusion…

I walk under ladders when I must but I always tell the person on it first so nothing bad happens. My first car, a Mustang, was built on the Friday the 13th and it was a great car. I knock on wood to hear the sound, not to prevent a jinx. I’ve even sung (badly) at the dinner table in a restaurant when “American Pie” came on the overhead and was joined by someone at every table. And, Friday the 13th is good for me. Why, because my smile scares off bad luck.

If you know any Superstitions that we missed we would love to hear them. Write us back in comments.

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