How much does printer ink really cost?

Printer ink, the simple black liquid that people have been using for centuries. How much does Ink really cost? We’ll take an HP 564 black cartridge. This particular cartridge can hold 12 ML of ink. OEM priced at $12.99, we can factor that the ink inside is worth 92 cents per ML. Converting Metric to standard for a more conventional approach means 1 gallon is equal to 3785 ML. That said 1 Gallon of HP ink is worth approximately $3482. Using this same formula for our SuppliesOutlet HP 564 cartridge costing $6.99, we can factor $2208 is the average cost per gallon of compatible ink. The difference between the two is $1274. That is enough 387 Gallons of gas at the National average of $3.29, 14 tickets to Disneyland at $92 a ticket, or 318 Cups of Coffee from Star Bucks at their average price of $5.00.

For the three liquids that are more expensive each is factored by taking the real world value and volume of the item, as well as 128 as that is how many ounces are in a gallon. Divide the total number of ounces in a gallon by the amount of ounces of the liquid you’re measuring. this number will reflect how many containers of the liquid you’re measuring are in a gallon. Multiply that by the price per container and that is your cost per gallon. For example we’ll show the four liquids we’ve demonstrated here.

Insulin can be factored by taking the amount per dose as .34 oz and dividing 128 by the volume. This leaves you with 376.47 multiple that by 25$ average price for a dose of insulin and you have $9411.75 per gallon. Same goes for the other 3 liquids. Chanel No. 5 can be factored by taking the amount per bottle as 1 oz and dividing 128 by the volume. This leaves you with 128 multiple that by 200$ average price for a bottle of Chanel and you have $25,600 per gallon. King Cobra Venom at an average of 800 per .67 oz is 153,000 per gallon. Scorpion Venom the most expensive liquid that we know of costs on average $2,034 for every .0067 oz. That creates a whooping 39,000,000 for a gallon. Overall, ink is very expensive; why not save money when you can? Think Before buying ink.

How much does Printer ink really cost

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