Brother TN450 Refill Kit – How to refill your toner cartridge

Refilling your TN450 toner cartridge or other Brother toner cartridges

Cartridge refilling is not something that is entirely new. With the cost of compatible cartridges bringing overall consumable prices down, how can we save even more money? The answer is refilling your cartridges. SuppliesOutlet is happy to bring ink and toner refill solutions to our customers. Today we’ll be demonstrating step by step how to refill your TN450 toner cartridge or other brother toner cartridges.

The supplies you’ll need will be: an empty TN450 toner cartridge, 1 SuppliesOutlet TN450 toner cartridge refill kit, a phillips head screwdriver, and a few pieces of standard paper.

Steps to refill the Cartridge:

1. Open the plastic cap on the cartridge.
2. Dump any remaining toner out of the cartridge.
3. remove the two screws holding the black plastic cap on the side of the cartridge.
4. Remove the flag gear and turn it 180 degrees.
5. replace the flag gear and plastic cap. secure them with the screws.
6. Prepare the toner bottle and funnel.
7. Dispense toner into the hole using the funnel.
8. Replace the cap.
9. Shake the cartridge.
10. insert into the drum and printer.
11. If your printer still reads low toner or gives an error, please follow this link to fix it. Brother toner fix

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