How to reset ink level on HP cartridge

Many times Hewlett-Packard cartridges will indicate a low level of ink although there is plenty of ink in the ink cartridge. Most of the HP printers store the serial number of the cartridge in the printer internal memory and when we refill the same cartridge printer does not recognize it as a refilled cartridge. We have a simple solution for this problem which will help you reset ink level of HP Desk jet.

Reset ink level hp cartridge

  1.  Take out both the black and color ink cartridges from your printer.
  2. Press the “On” button on your printer to turn it on and wait for 20 seconds, then turn it off. Make sure the printer is turned off completely.
  3. Repeat above steps for five times so that the HP cartridge identification number is erased from the memory. Hp printers normally stores the cartridge identification number for last five ink cartridges that were used.
  4. Reinsert the black ink cartridge to the right side of the slot and then insert the color ink cartridge to the left side of the slot.
  5. Print a test page to ensure cartridge level system is reset  and the machine is printing correctly. is consistently looking to provide you with the most up-to-date compatible printer supplies to satisfy your ever-changing needs. We provide you with a comprehensive collection of both color and monochrome printing supplies. If you every have a problem with your Supplies Outlet ink or toner supplies, please call our friendly Customer Service agents at 877-822-8659. You can also log into our web page and chat with an agent. provides a complete line of printer ink cartridges and Printer toner cartridges guaranteed by an industry leading, lifetime warranty. For inquiries feel free to call at 1-877-822-8659. Additionally, you can email us at

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