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Printing Supplies, recovering cash the simple way

Today  recovering cash is an enormous part of an individual’s life. Cutting expenses  something people are confronted with; from the buyer side of things, to the bottom line of the business. One place that individuals can look to recover cash is with their printing supplies. Almost everyone needs to be able to print. There are approaches to safeguard cash by investigating, what you’re printing, how you’re printing, and where you purchase your printing supplies from. Let’s examine a couple of approaches to save you cash.

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Color, or no Color?

A huge variable on your printing expense is what you’re printing. If you’re  just printing text documents then the color is not something you’d fundamentally require. Did you know that, the expense of administering a color printer is about 4 times the expense of a standard black and white printer. Our customers often asked , “Why do I have to replace the color cartridges when I’m only printing black?” Contrary to popular belief,color printers use all colors when printing black to create a “rich black”,depleting the black only slightly slower than the color cartridges. Unless you’re printing photos or graphics, a standard monochrome or black and white printer may be your best choice. Utilizing a monochrome printer will undoubtedly cut your expense on printer toner cartridges and printer ink cartridges. This will increase your yield plus  cash where it belongs, in your wallet.

The Great Debate: Ink vs Toner

Imagine an artist working on a project. Watercolors are inexpensive and give more nuisances but don’t last like oils. Acrylics last longer but face in direct sunlight. And UV save acrylics tend to be flat. The selection of mediums depends on the intended use and expectations.The same is true when choosing between inkjet printers, laser printers, full color and monochrome. Having the right device to fill your needs is crucial.For high volume use, a laser is most cost effective. While the initial cost is higher, the consumables or toner cartridges last longer. With color pages at 2-4 ȼ per page at a rate of 12 pages per minute, and monochrome at under a cent a page with up to 45 per minute; laser printers are both fast and economical.If you only print occasionally, an inkjet printer might be the best fit. The cost are 5-7ȼ per page and speeds more like 4 per minute. If you find yourself waiting for your printer to finish so you can run out the door, a laser printer in the long run may be your best choice.

Compatible Vs OEM

You’ve heard the stories “I used a compatible and it leaked. I’ll never use them again.” I’ve even said that prior to joining the Supplies Outlet team but here’s the inside story.

Compatibles void your warranty: Nope. Under US Law (Section 2302, C), you’re protected. That simple.

This is the easiest way to conserve your cash. Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM printer companies are in it for the long game. They know that you will use their expensive supplies in the future so they make the printers cheaper the same way that a razor company will almost give away the handle so you will buy their expensive blades.

Supplies Outlet compatible printer ink cartridges and printer toner cartridges gives you control over your expenses. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Warranty – OEM is up to 1 year, we think you deserve a 100% Lifetime Warranty
  2. Quality – we have a reputation for meeting or exceeding OEM standards
  3. Service – 95% of all our customers receive their orders in 1-2 days plus all orders by 3pm ET ship same day
  4. Your Bottom Line: Cost – Supplies Outlet saves you up to 80% off the price of OEM retail pricing every day!

With savings like that, you can spend more money and time on growing your business. Plus, with our service and warranty, you don’t have to stress standing in line, hoping that they will have what you need and wondering if it will work when you get home.

Whether you choose to get your printer supplies online at SuppliesOutlet or call our friendly Customer Support Agents at 877-822-8659, you’ll have some extra cash in your pocket!

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