Troubleshooting Common Printing Problems

Troubleshooting common printing problems is important as everyone loves  clean and nice print outs, but sometimes our printers behave in a weird manner and we have common printer problems like printing out black pages, pages with streaks, blank pages, spots and lots more. Here is the short guide to help resolve some of the most common print failure.

Troubleshooting printing problems

                                                    Troubleshooting Printing Problems

  • Failure # 1 : Printing Black Page

Sometimes when you send a page to your printer and printer returns you a black page. Ahhh!! That’s not something you was looking for. The most probable cause for this might be due to wrong cartridge installations which results in insufficient contacts connection and gives badly printed page.

Basic Troubleshooting : Take out the cartridge ,wipe any contacts you see on the cartridge, verify it is the correct cartridge for that color and reinstall it. You should see great printouts again.

  • Failure #2 : Printing Blank Pages

It is very common when printer does no printing and gives you back all blank pages. This might be due to cartridge is out of toner or the strip/seal of the cartridge is not fully removed before installing it to the printer.

Basic Troubleshooting : Check if the cartridge has reached its end of life by making an estimates from the number of printed pages (sometimes you can get a few more pages by shaking your toner cartridge a bit). If any seal is still attached to the cartridge please make sure to remove it and reinstall it.

  • Failure #3 : Black Streaks

Black streaks have a variety of possible causes. First, if you just installed a cartridge, simply remove it and look for pieces of any seals that might still be attached; then reinstall it. If the streaks develop over time – something is dirty or worn so check your cartridge then your drum as it is also a wear item that we can get for you.

common printing problems

                      Black Streaks

Basic Troubleshooting :

Check your cartridge for any obstructions like pieces of seals and bits of paper, then wipe it off and reinstall it. If the streaks persist, try an old cartridge or another cartridge. Finally, when was the last time  your drum was replaced? Give us a call and we can help you with it.

  • Failure #4 : Smudging

Toner smudging is very common printer compliant. It is caused  due to poor toner adhesion  and makes it easy for the toner to smudge. It is the job of the fuser to thoroughly heat the toner enough for better adhesion.

Basic Troubleshooting : : If you just installed your fuser, drum or cartridge; reinstall them to insure they are making proper contact. You can also run your Printer Diagnostics page to see the age of your fuser and drum. If they need replacing, our friendly customer service agents can make it a snap.

  • Failure #5: Squeaking Sound

Nobody likes cartridge creating noise during printing but this might be due to cartridge not installed properly.

Basic Troubleshooting :  Reinstall the cartridge and print out few pages of pictures. This will help in lubricating the blade and this will resolve the squeaking noise.

  • Failure #6: Low Yield

All printers list their page yield per cartridge in the Owner’s Manual and on their website. This is based on 5% coverage – a standard test page. Your expectations may be substantially different but that is the OEM standard. At Supplies Outlet, we overfill all our cartridges so we meet or exceed the OEM standard. Things that can dramatically effect yield is heavy use of images, large and bold font choices, heavy coverage, printer quality settings and even your humidity.

Before buying printer we always look for the page yield of the cartridge. But sometimes it don’t stands up to our expectations and cartridge print for fewer pages, or not the expected page yield. Most common cause for this might be end user might have printed solid pages or pages with lot of images which results in higher 5% page coverage. If you are not sure what exactly 5% page coverage mean please go through this article. Another possible reasons can be print density is set too high or the environment might have been in very humid condition.

Basic Troubleshooting :  Small changes can improve your yield and overall appearance. Thin fonts with more line/paragraph spacing can result in a more sophisticated look. Smaller images gives them room to breathe, improving the impact. Using the Draft or Economy Mode until the final document needs to be printed. Monitoring your average yield per cartridge can allow you to plan for your needs. (Please note – if each of your color cartridges has a 5,000 page yield, it doesn’t mean you get 20,000 pages, it still means 5,000 color pages. Personally, I tend to use more yellow and magenta than cyan because of the types of images I print so, when I purchase a value bundle, I add in an extra yellow and magenta just to be safe.)

  • Failure #7:  Double Image/Shadowing

Many times we have seen double image or shadowing on the printout. This can be due to printer going out of  calibration or the internal printer part is aging or near end of life.

Basic Troubleshooting :

First, turn you printer off for a while (usually overnight works), then turn it back on. Next, if your printer has a calibration procedure, try it. Finally, if there are wear items that can be replaced, you may need to clean and replace them.

  • Failure #8: Light Printout

Light Printouts are hard on your eyes.  There may be a lot of reasons for this but the most common are the paper used for printing might be damp , density setting are too light, using an expired cartridge or toner become lower.

Basic Troubleshooting : Are your cartridges old or expired? Has your printer clogged due to lack of usage? Sometimes a quick cartridge swap fixes your problems. Check your printer’s quality settings – switching from economy or draft to normal or best for the final printout might give you the density you’re looking for. Another solution might be to use a brighter or better sheet of paper so you have more contrast.

  • A final note

At Supplies Outlet, we offer only high-quality cartridges that meet or exceed all OEM standards. Plus, our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service Agents can make sure you get the right products for your printer. And, since 95% of all of our orders arrive in 1-2 days via ground, you get your products when you need them.

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