What printer specs should you be looking for?

What printer specs are important

When looking for a new printer, what are the specs you should be looking for? Some are more important than others; however all are equally important. What should you be looking for?

Speed (PPM)

How fast the printer prints pages. Commonly referred to as Pages per minute (PPM). This is essential to provide the necessary speed you may need in the work place.

Dots Per Inch (DPI)

Dots per inch is how many pixels or dots the printer can fit within a single line. The higher the DPI count the better the quality of the image.


Connectivity is how the printer interacts with the computer or device. There are many forms of connectivity such as: Bluetooth, Wifi, AirPrint™, E-Print, USB, Firewire and many more options. How your home or office is set up may determine which of these are important.

Duplex Printing

Duplex Printing is the ability to print double sided. ultimately it conserves paper.

Multimedia Slots

Memory card functions for USB input, Micro SD, SDXC cards and etc.

Photo Printing

The ability to use card-stock photo paper. A special type of print media for printing pictures at home.

Type of Ink

The most import specification of the printer. Inkjet printers tend to be cheaper up front but more expensive overall. Laser printers offer a higher up front cost but the cartridges last longer and carry a lower PPM.

Max Duty Cycle

The Maximum amount a printer can print per month. EX: if the duty is 3000 pages than the printer is able to print 3000 copies within a 30 day cycle.

Size of the printer

Printers come in different sizes and shapes. Inkjet printers tend to be smaller in relative size to a laser printer.


Do you need to scan, fax and copy? these are options most printers support. you may not need either of those things, but the option is there.

Input capacity

How many pages the printer can hold. If you’re a big office you don’t want a printer that can only hold 15 pages.

Media Size Supported

Everyy Printer supports 8.5″x11″ paper but what if you need 5×7 photos or legal paper size?


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