Xerox, Changing the way we Print, Again

Xerox where have you been?

Today’s digital and computing landscape isn’t what it used to be. Let’s take a look today at Xerox. A name not so common anymore but it should be. As Xerox is one of the most successful, and possibly the most influential businesses to grace the technological age. To get a glimpse of the future let’s take a look at the past and Xerox’s prior achievements, this helps build credibility and hope that their newest ideas are nothing short of spectacular.

The Glory years

It’s the 1960’s, civil rights rages, international tensions are at it’s peak, and we’re entering a new age. The age of computing. In the mid 70’s IBM and Apple were noted as creating the PC market. While they both did revolutionize it and make extreme amounts of money, Xerox had actually invented it well over ten years prior. The Xerox Alto, first ever PC. This isn’t the first time Xerox led the way with new breakthroughs. Early 1960 Xerox invented Ethernet and networking in general, the photo copier was invented by them, they also made breakthroughs in the green movement creating Xerox solid ink printers. The list goes on and on for commercial successes from the Xerox line. With their marvelous past, what lies ahead?

Xerox, Reinventing the wheel

Now and into the future Xerox is delivering cutting edge technology. Quite basically, technology that, changes the industry. We saw it first with their invention of the GUI, the mouse, and the DOS system. This begs the question what is the longtime giant laying dormant on? What is up their sleeve? I’m here to spill the beans on their newest project, something that definitely has potential to transform entire industries again. For quite some time now Xerox has been working on a secret project but recently they were ready to spill the beans. In their secret Palo Alto Research Center Xerox has developed their newest tech: Xerographic Microassembly. If you just said, “what is that?”, You’re not alone. According to Xerox Developers and engineers, Xerographic Microassembly is a new way to build or as they put it, “print” circuitry and chipsets. This technology uses extremely ground up silicon called “chiplets”, these chiplets are used to build new circuitry. The most amazing part is that this process is done in the same fashion as a laser printer prints a page. Using a powder and burning the powder. The printer will essentially dispense chiplets into the required pattern and flash heats it to mold the final product. Having the ability to use advanced electrical fields, the printer makes sure all of circuits end up in the correct position. So far they have tested it in the printing of microprocessors, Memory, Graphics, and other known components. While it is still in infancy the technology is extremely promising and has potential to change the game, in both printers and consumer electronics.


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