Start Key Guide For ColorQube Install

Xerox ColorQube 8580, ColorQube 8880, ColorQube 8700, and ColorQube 8900 printers are the current solid ink printer models and they require new colorqube installation whenever previous one goes empty . So, before Installing your new colorqubes to your printer make sure you have correct colorqubes for your printer model. The correct ITEM NUMBER is located on the side of the box in which the color cubes comes in. Why start key is so important and what is the need to use the start key??

Why use a start key?

The start key helps in facilitating the use of compatible inks and informs the printer that an ink stick has been loaded. The start key must be used for every stick that has been loaded in the printer.

Start Key Guide

There are few steps to the right installation to the start key:

STEP 1: Open the ink loader cover

STEP 2: Load the new ink bumps facing down

STEP 3: Insert the start key over right tab

STEP 4: Listen for those “click sounds”

STEP 5: Close the ink loader cover

If still you are in doubt how to do that. This you tube video with step by step instructions might help you out.

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